Quaint, Characteristic, Charming.... Vignanello Italy

Vignanello, is a small town in Italy, in the province of Viterbo. It is situated an hour and a half away from Fiumicino airport in Rome.  
As soon as we arrived at Vignanello, the Ruspoli Castle was sitting there prominently overlooking the beautiful views that surround Vignanello..  We immediately felt the small town that Vignanello is, as we could see people calling each other by name while exiting shops or walking on the streets, all the time.  Everyone knows everyone.  Because of that, we were immediately spotted as the foreigners.  That turned out to be a positive aspect, as everyone was ready to chat with us or help in what ever we needed.
TIP: Since Vignanello is not a touristic place, locals aren't used to speaking English so communication might be an issue if you do not know Italian.
Since we speak Italian we had no problem in communicating with others. Locals were actually very nice to us and helpful. We once needed some matches and when we were asking at a mini-market if …

Mykonos.. island of the winds and party island

Mykonos, in my opinion is one of the nicest island's (better than Santorini) forming part the Cyclades (a group of Greek islands). The island got its name from the grandson of Apollo. This island lies between Tinos and Syros (also part of the Cyclades)  and it is 85.5 square kilometers. This is a great destination for summer holidays, specially since it is nicknamed as "The island of the winds". This nickname was given due to the strong northern winds that blow strong during the day, which make it better for surfers so they can enjoy surfing and also for other water sports.  During the past years it also got it's reputation as the party island of the Cycladic islands, with sunbathing, cocktails on the beaches and clubs on-going day and night. Paradise and Super Paradise are the best two beaches for party lovers.

On this island there are only 32 TAXIS, so to travel from one town to another a taxi costs quite a lot and you need to be very lucky to find one. Instead of…

A town close to Venice called Mestre

For my parents 35th wedding anniversary we all went together for a cruise around the Greek Islands. The cruise was from Venice to Venice and since it is well known how expensive Venice is, we decided to stay in the next town (10mins away) called Mestre.  If you want to go to Venice but not spend a lot of money on accommodation and be close to Venice,  than Mestre is your place.

We stayed at a hotel called Residence Elite Hotel, a modern hotel, with all the necessities, including a small fitness center. Breakfast was descent which included bread, hams, cheeses, cereals and some sweets. The beds are extremely comfortable for a good night sleep, which will give you the right boost to tour around Mestre or Venice. The hotel is roughly 15 minutes away from the town center on foot.

This town is full of different characteristics with different architectures of both Norman, Gothic and possibly a touch of Baroque, with its main square Piazza Ferretto having different architecture.

On Saturday…

Reasons as to why you should go on a cruise

This was my first time going on for a cruise and it started off from Venice. It is 6.00PM and buuuuup buuupp the cruise sounded its horn.. Time to go...
We had two tug boats escorting us out from the port one pushing from behind  the ship and one on the front.  As soon as we made it half way out of Venice it was amazing as we got the perfect time for sunset. While leaving the beautiful city of Venice we got to see the water canals of this city, Marco Polo Cathedral and the ship/boat activity in the port is amazing... Obviously while seeing such beautiful scenery I got inspired, so as soon as we were out of Venice, I ran downstairs to our room sat down in our gorgeous balcony, watching the sunset and  started writing this post.... Simply stunning, a great peaceful and serene moment. 
Constant Ocean views On a cruise you can constantly enjoy endless views, port views, land views and endless sea views.  If you are the tenant of a room with a balcony, I do suggest you spend a good quality…

What makes Poland so great

Poland was our honeymoon destination  during the warm months of summer. Poland has both cold winter weather and in summer hot sweaty days.  While spending 15 days around Poland we pretty much came to a conclusion that it is nice and worth another visit.

Picturesque mountains Mountains in Poland are breathtaking. The long never ending mountain ranges are spectacular. Anyone which is a fan of nature, you have to visit the Tataras, a true paradise. It is the perfect place for hiking in Summer, with mountains covered in green vegetation and lashing white in Winter perfect for skiing lovers.

The Food!
Food in Poland is great. They do have a different way of cooking however food was always delicious. They enjoy their soups and meat. They have some national Polish dishes like Pierogis (polish dumplings) and borscht ( sour soup). I was not a fan of the sour soup but the piergois where super yummy.  If you have a sweet tooth I do suggest you go for pączki (doughnut filled with jam or chocolate) …

Kasprowy Wierch mountain in Poland

One of the most popular skiing resort in winter and one of the most famous mountains you can enjoy a walk on during summer, is Kasprowy Wierch. This mountain is located in the south of Poland and splits Slovakia and Poland. This mountain has an altitude of 1,987m.

Fun fact: Weather permitting one can easily cross the borders from Poland to Slovakia on-top of the mountains. This resort had become so famous that in the early 90s that back in 1936 a cable card was built. It being built so early in the 90s make it one of the oldest in Europe. In 2007 it was closed for a while to modernize it. The cable car is split onto two stops and one has to change cars to reach the peek. The first stop is made at Myślenickie Turnie which is at an altitude of 1325m. It roughly takes 15 minutes to get from the bottom to the summit of the mountain. Through the whole cable-car ride you are provided with unlimited picturesque views, from forest trees, to lakes, simply stunning. 
 The cable car is located o…

Poland..... The spectacular views of Morksie Oko.

Poland, is part of central Europe and holds over 38.5million people. Poland’s capital city is Warsaw and some other known cities are Kraków, Gdańsk, and Poznań. This places give Poland a bit of everything. Kraków and Gdańsk being the historical cities while Warsaw has the energetic and liveliness lifestyle. Outside this beautiful cities Poland is covered with hills, mountains, rivers and lakes and ample of green that provides you with each breath that you will you will inhale fresh air. There are a lot of both historical and natural places to visit in Poland. My husband and I visited Poland for our honeymoon and went places in the south of Poland like; Morskie Oko, Zakopane, Kasprowy Wierch and Kraków.
Upon arriving to Krakow we drove to Zakopane and stayed at an amazing B &B called Willa Rajka. The house is amazing all built with raw wood. All rooms are decorated in a very nice rustic way and are very clean. Most rooms have balconies which offer mountain views. Breakfast had a g…